Studio 2 – Wacom, Art, Photo composition


Another part of this week involved learning Wacom tablets, which to be honest was alright but I knew a lot of the stuff we were doing already. The only thing that actually surprised me was when she used a quick mask to select the monkey. I dont think i’ve ever seen someone paint using a quick mask instead of a lasso, blob of paint, etc. Which that was fun to learn.

I would put up my monkey that we drew in class, but i left it on my desktop at uni. I might upload it on Tuesday when i arrive, but for now there is only a thought.

After the wacom we were taught some illustrator stuff with drawing by Martin. I actually really enjoyed this part. he gave us multiple files and  choices to choose to illustrate and showed us that illustrator can be used for a multitude of things. I as just actually screwing around with him and found… Found a great tapering brush in it that works with pen pressure. So i definitely took something out of that.


Photoshop Compositing workshop

When we got in class and were showed all these different things you could do with photography i got very excited. I was so excited to see amazing things by different artists/photographers; because usually when people do photo manipulations they really tend to be quite ‘fake’ looking. very very fake looking because they don’t understand colour lookup and match colours, colour balance changing within Photoshop.

I’ve experimented many a times before with Photoshop manipulations/compositing and a LOT (and i mean a lot) of them looked fake until I realised what i was doing wrong. Paul showed a man shoving a basketball in the ground, just basically FISTING it in there and it looked pretty cool, but had some fake qualities to it, but i did like it. The one i liked very much was the Nike shoe ads. They were extraordinary.



Now before we started, paul told us to get open his presets to cut out but i really wanted to work on my nike that i had open. Unfortunately i couldnt, but it’s okay I still worked on them both at the same time. My file was deleted because i didnt have my usb at the time either.


Sum up

These were good to review and have revisions on to be honest. Even though I knew some of them, they were still very helpful and interesting to see.



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