Studio 2 -Sculpture

So damn difficult.

I started with this idea after i looked at multiple photos at the start of the trimester. An artist who made landscapes out of books gave me an idea to replicate his style for this assignment to test my sculpting skills and my power tool skills.


So i started to get my tools, which i wasnt allowed to use unless dad was watching because i’d like chop my hand off or something. Anway, my dad and i were starting to get the outer shape of the book sculpture in and we used a power hand held sander/saw tool to chunk bits of it out and get the shape.



After we got the shape in we got the mini sander and i did the finest of details spending hours just sitting there ruining my posture just literally sanding away the hours. It did take quite a while to do.



Final details with no paint.IMG-20160313-WA0033

Testing paint options out in photoshop before i actually might fk it up.


Here is what i have so far. I mean its not the best, but its okay. It needs more paint and values within it. My dad keeps scaring me saying not to touch it more or i’ll wreck it. But hes just old, so i dont know about him.


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