Studio 2 – Learning lighting

Setting up

This week we learned lighting with Paul, but he didn’t help us this time. We were just left to set it up and figure it out while he watched ( so we probably don’t do exactly the wrong things). It went well, and quick actually.


The chair

While taking photos, I was last like usually always. but while watching everyone it calmed down after all the hype of people being scared of photos and being all cringed out. But there was a chair and I thought of some ideas before everyone finished, so when it was my time i would be ready for this.

I was paired up with jasmine and it was a success, because jasmine doesn’t like me taking photos of her. I took some great and bad ones of her. (that tends to happen with digital photography. I’m kind of glad that we don’t have film any more because I would be poor)


So here is a bad photo i took ( well i think its bad ). But to fix the problem IN my EYES I just basically cropped it above her leg. I wanted to emphasise her upper half.


This is another one i took and liked. I also tried something i learned from a youtube video i watched like 6 years ago or something about making models ‘pop’ by basically just airbrushing the skin a bit. I also note now that I’ve uploaded it that it is a bit redder than i expected, but oh well. It can be fixed easily.


I really enjoy this one, but it really looks like an advertisement for some kind of watch, lol.


Summing up

We got some good photos and learnt the basics, so basically we can go back there whenever we want and take some photos which i will be doing on tuesday of week 5. Just so i can maybe take photos of my sculpture and get some new photography ideas that ive wanted to pursure. These are ideas that have been in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks.


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