Studio 2 – How is the project, man?

Hard. Crowded. lots of work.


For me this project was very hard and crowded. Especially since im working with like 4 other clients at the same time and juggling CIU on the side. Although it was hard, i still pushed through and became successful in the end. I’m finished all of my projects (book ones) and made some extras for the testing.

The only thing i’ve been struggling with is the analogue ones. These are very hard for me especially since im not the best drawer. Im an okay artist in sketching, etc but i can certainly be better. Im still learning all the time. I have many failures and it takes me a longer time to do things, especially if i make mistakes because i have to start all over or improvise. I had a goal at the start of uni to actually improve my drawing foundation skills and i’ve improved somewhat, but not all the way i want to be. I want to be behance quality. I know people dont believe that its possible for that, but i believe with dedication i can do that. I just cant keep practising my art and drawing while i have assignments and other work, so i’ll have to either do it for assignments or on the holidays (which is fine).


Digital and photography are my favourite

yes, it all says it in the title. I think i shine most in these areas. Drawing in digital I enjoy because i can feel relaxed. Although analogue is a big part, i will need to get better before I can scan my stuff in directly.

I will just use digital because i can spend hours on it and work on others at the same time. I am a fast worker on the computer and with photography. Photography is one of the things i enjoy the most. I love to manipulate, edit, tell stories, set-up scenes, etc with photography. I also love to learn it.


Summed up

I want to be successful in all 3 areas, an all rounder. That is what everyone wants in a designer, so i will be continuing to practise these. I want to be the same level of skill in all. I think I am amateur at them all, so i need to continue working more and more until i am perfect. I need refining.



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