Studio 2 – So much illustration

Illustration 1

This is one i had to experiment with for ages. The whole ‘so much illustration’ with all 3 and scraps took so much time from me, it drained the crap out of me.

I like some of them though, they’re pretty much my favourites of all of my works.


This first illustration was in illustrator/photoshop for the best constructive working and making everything a lot faster than if i just used illustrator or photoshop as well. Vector objects you can just drag from illustrator into photoshop and it becomes a smart object (which doesnt lose quality) so it’s a win-win.

I wanted to create a living environment within the book, so it didnt look static. So i added people walking, trees, water, fishing people, boats, etc.



Illustration 2

This one is my favourite of all and took me a big while to do as well and on top of that. Same principle with the first one. I used illustrator and Photoshop. Now I really hate revealing my final works on here so im going to close up on progress of it and also close ups of the final one like above.


The idea behind this one (which is not final remember. The final one looks actually BADASS) Is to create a man sitting on a pile of books which is burning. I really enjoyed creating it. burning books is so fun and i can imagine why this guy enjoys it too.



Illustration 3

I was actually beginning to draw a wolf jumping out of a book, but guess what ???
I accidentally did not save it and now it’;s gone forever, now i only have memories. And it looked pretty bad ass too.


last one i promise. This one is something which i really just turned another piece of my art into that i was doing. I original had an idea to create a lighthouse painting in photoshop with a guy standing on top using the book as a lightning rod, but it didnt work, so i came up with something better. I turned it into a spherical world with an idea to spiral an astronaut connected to it reading his book. Which basically says “read and you enjoy a new world.”

I will show this one, but i kind of dislike it a little. I need to refine it, but later on this week i will when i have the time.

Now im showing this one, because its no where near done and i need to add the astronaut and refine it much MUCH more. Make the stones more defined and the grass.

Sorry about the halftones, its just easier to upload low quality.


Before you ask the question “wheres the book duuuurr duur duuu”





These are all my inspiration for these arts i’ve made, in order. (separated by a line)













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