Studio 2 – In-Studio photography

In the studio

This week in our studio class, Paul took us in to the photography studio which was very exciting for me as I’ve always wanted to see what one looked like inside. We were told where and what to set up, and i enjoyed that. It was a quick  set-up really, faster than a lot of other things you have to do in photography. We were also told how to put it down again and where to position them.

Paul told us to experiment with our photos. Now because i was new at this, i knew i would end up with some alright/bad photos. I just really wanted to freely experiment. See what happens when i put it in a certain area so i could use it when i get the studio to myself.

I was paired up with Steven and he had to go straight up after the first photos (we were first), so i modelled and did some cool poses trying to be sexy and failing. After that i experimented with different styles and settings. I even experimented to see what happens when he stands right behind the light, which i thought would be very cool.

Experimentation (During and Post-production)

I took many photos of Steven with the light to see what would happen. With the light right behind him, i thought it would either highlight his silhouette or even be very bright and a bad photo.

This is quite good because with this effect you could replicate a truck light/car light within the photograph. It’s interesting with what you could do to this image, a lot of possibilities.



More experimentation here with poses.



The light actually enhances the state of muscles and outlines muscles quite well. It could be used very well for gym/fitness images.


I experimented with contrast and lightening within photoshop and lightroom when arriving home too.

(bad quality gets pixelated in the image, sorry)

Extreme contrastSlight lightening

Final outcome

I like it, but I need to learn about the studio more and the ins and outs. I need to know the rules first to break them.


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