Studio 2 – Illustrator icon landscape

Starting point

This one i enjoyed a lot. i actually  really love designing icons, theyre so fun. I could sit there for hours designing them, and i like how you can use icons with logos so it works for me.

This is a style which I found from multiple designs on Behance. These very fun and cool looking icons covered with a small value for the floor, and they  have no perspective like old-style paintings. These icons are also very simplified, and i wanted to try the landscape style but with a library instead.

These are actually ones i created. The first one is a painting/window within the library icons i have designed. The bookcase is what i started with first before i started the library.

They look so good really.




I used the rounded corners of the first ones and the shading and placement style of the second one. In the final one, i didn’t know whether i should use a box or a circle, so i used both. I like the circle style better though.

a9cc95ad45db35164e626d0f92142958.89aeb7288aefde22340479563db5c11a (1)




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