Studio 2 – Collages!!

Digital collages first

While I was browsing Pinterest I came across a very cool idea to create a collage which was based around those hipster-style collages. They’re everywhere and quite easy to do when you can actually find the photos they have or get.



I wanted to create stuff like this but i couldnt really find photos like them, unfortunately. So i used modern pictures i found from unsplash and online somewhere on free sites.





Outcomes (Not final because I don’t like spoiling crap)

With this image i wanted to create something cool coming out of the book or within his body (his soul. lol)

Black-hole book


(this one is the final, but i cut half the image out because i dont want to reveal it all until the final week)


Well they technically arent finished, i have some refining to do on both of them but this is all you see for now!


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