Photo editing / sculpture


So i started my sculpture, FINALLY. It took a while, but we had to buy another saw  because our old had something wrong with it. But that was before i started glueing the first prototype.

I got my dad to help me because he doesn’t let me use his power tools, so there you go.

We had to actually glue it together like a piece of wood for it to work. That’s how it works, its basically wood when glue’d together. We had to drill and nail different things together to keep it stable (we obviously didn’t use nails though) when glueing and keep it like a block of wood.


So it dried and now i’m waiting for my dad to get off his stupid night work so we can start working on it again.



Photo editing

This is zoomed in on my final one, because remember i dont like showing final before final presentation.

I did many different edits of the ‘burnt book’ photoshoot, which i enjoyed. The burnt book photos came out well. The one below is actually a burnt book with water placed on it after to COOl that down, because if i didnt it wouldve burnt my shoes.

But i took this and edited it after in photoshop to make it look like the book actually bled and i like that effect. It looks more scabby, but its still an interesting concept.

4 bleeding book


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