Studio 2 – Week 2 classes

Art styles, Techniques

This week in class we had to either choose between being in group 1-2 to be in the studio or to learn drawing styles and techniques. I ended up being in the art session,  Learning how to see the new trends and research newer ones at the moment.

I really was inspired to create my traditional art from this. I started to draw the trippy skull head and get ideas after that class. I wanted to mix psychedelic and ink together, which i thought would work quite well and mix exceptionally.

Here is an example of the style of ink, but more clean is what i wanted



Special guest

the following day in the week we had a special visitor who came down to visit us all and give us a lecture on living the big life and making it. KAREKI ART, also known as Kara Thattanankham! I say it was good to see someone who made it as a GD from our uni and is going successfully.


She said some shocking statements such as “you NEED to use project plan as it is useful” I think that would be correct. A lot of her art is quite cartoony and i like her style. Its quite comical and cool.

Im not really sure what she does in her time but it really seems that she is busy quite a lot, and i mean thats what it takes to make it. I like to be busy, it gives me self worth.



Project reflection

At the moment, this project has been weighing me right down. I think im behind, but something I’m always good at is getting myself back up and speeding.

The thing that probably weighs me down the most is how long it takes me to get home from uni. It takes a very long time, especially seeing that the rosewood lines from ipswich take like an hour to come and i have to wait longer and then walk home about 2km and i feel really dead afterwards.

I feel i might allocate a day this week and stay at home just to work on projects.  The project is fun though, i actually really enjoy stretching my mind and coming up with creative ideas with books.

I have a feeling after this week I will be back on my feet. I’ve needed to get into the studi since last week and now i can access it.


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