Studio 2 – Photographing models

Yes. More photography

During this week, I’ve done a lot of photography, and it is something i actually enjoy quite a lot. I like to tell stories, and set up the camera and setting of the location. I love how you can completely change an images setting and story simply by changing the colours of the grass, trees, etc

I got 2 models over two days to do photography set=ups for me. I got them to sit and stand in various locations and do multiple things for me. It was quite fun, i felt like a director. Photography is like my favourite thing at the moment. Also, if we did video/cinematic videoing this year, i would really love that. To make a music video !


Model 1

Here are some pics of the first model. (again, they are NOTCOMPLETE. SO stop judging.)
I was going to add flying pages/books around her in different settings.


I also wanted to try and make a levitation, which i’ve done many times before.

Had to decrease the quality quite a lot for upload though.


I got to use my old friend Nicoles ‘vintage¬†leica camera’ as well. she has a $3000 lens. The photos above are taken using my camera. It was interesting using a new camera and learning those settings. I was lucky i didnt drop her camera lol. I’d probably be dead.


Here is a photo of her teaching me how to get the ‘perfect composition.’ Every time she saw the back of my nav menu after i took the picture she would lightly smack my head and tell me ‘try again.’

It was interesting having a strict photographer to mentor me. I learned a bit from her, she even gave me some books to read on the train.




It was easy to access this location, because we 4wd’vd in her backyard to find just the right places. She lives right in the rosewood outback. She has a LOT of land.

I really enjoy taking pictures that look amateur, but are perfect in composition like this picture i took of my hand! (trying to get that tumblr aesthetic)

_MG_650712122703_10205410881702945_5287116395245185397_n (1)

(here is a photo that i got nicole to take of me so that i could edit it and use it over my portfolio accounts profile pictures)


Model 2

This one was quick and fast. I wanted to save as much time as i could so i went down to the closes bridge/park, and took some great photos of this model. Some of the images turned out grainy, but i got some great ones in there too.


I wanted to get a photo of the book going on fire, but it turned out okayish. I have about 70 more, but i dont want to upload them because of my internet.



After doing that, i had to set up a nice scene for the next shoot. SO what i did was absolutely destroy a book and then place them flat on the ground with other books surrounding it.



After this, i got images of caitlin throwing pages into the air, so i could photoshop them in to the one of her with no pages sitting static.

I think this approach would be easier than going to the studio and doing such as i can get the natural lighting and add a motion blur to create realism. It is a bit easier because the uni studio is about 3 hours travel away for me. Its quite easy to do this instead.

So here is the image i’ve photoshopped but i havent added any effects, because it would ruin the light of the pages i would extract in of the thrown pages. Basically it is a raw photo with pages from other images photoshopped in roughly at the moment to articulate my idea.


Now its not final and needs tone ups with colours, lighting, etc, and probably the pages fixed a bit.



Overall I actually like photography a lot. Im going to CONTINUE my search for profession inside photography. I like telling stories, setting up, editing, and it works for me a lot.

This tri will hopefully improve my editing skills as well, because i feel very amateur at editing and photography



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