Studio 2 – Analogue drawing

Sketching my idea

I really roughly sketched my idea which was supposed to be two skulls spiralling around books. it was meant to be the  evil and drug-like. they are skeleton wizards. I didn’t try many other sketches, this was the first one i did and it came out as a good idea of how i wanted it.

12790019_968640156561474_1135344543_o (1)



After sketching my ideas i went on to an a3 page of paper to get my fine details down and i started to refine it more and more.




Scanning and more refining

I hope to scan it in and refine it even more in illustrator making the edges sharper and getting those circles i want.

I think this went well actually. It hurt my hand, because i didnt stop untio it was finished but it was worth it. I looked at various images of spiral and trippy art. I really enjoy trippy drug-like art as i feel it works quite well and comes for great illustration.




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