Studio 2 – Photograph everything

Book cut-out

From last time I talked about this, you saw my old idea. Which was a couple of quick Photoshop mock ups to articulate my idea in haste. These ones are a little more refined and took a little bit more time. These photos i feel i learned quite a bit from these, aperture, shutterspeed, and iso. Now i can do them quickly but i need to learn a little but more about focusing. Which is what Paul and Narelle said about my photos.

I need to either do bracketing, studio photos of my book, and post-edit them in, or i can do it the hard way. I am going to do it the extremely hard way, which will make me learn more I guess. I think that just me trying to push myself and doing the best i can every day will make me better.

Although carrying around that bag and my normal bag is extremely heavy, it will be worth it. In knowledge and muscle improvement.. lol.

Here is the WORST image as a test. I took this video of my dad playing piano to show the editing of how i will display the book. Cutting the edges in photoshop to make it more crisp.
oldvs new


(sorry about the quality, I had to decrease the size a lot to upload fast. [Rosewood net])
With these photos i really want to emphasise the FRAME, and the BOOK. I want it to be the first thing you see. Either that or the hands, which will then lead to the book using visual flow.



these are the first photos i took, which were testers. these are the ones where i had to do everything manually. I will be doing a photo of the book in studio and placing it above a picture to see how it works as well. I will be taking other photos, not just some on the same bridge everyday.

I tried to do bracketing, but something my camera was doing is it wasn’t actually taking the 3 pics together, it did it manually. I’ll have to have a look at that later on when i mess with the camera.


I did use jasmine to hold up the book for me in front of things. She has very beautiful hands, so i was going to use that as an advantage with the photography. It was kind of fun getting that POV effect. well, im not sure if it was for her. Oh well, it’s all part of the game.


Photographing everything

Now this is just me trying to improve photography and my skills. I have two lenses and i have been testing them both out. Although i would like to get a lens that has the capability of being short, with a very minimal aperture. So you can see I am trying very hard to improve as photography is a big part of graphic design and I am not-so-good at art.

I’m trying to get better at that as well, but photography based design is something i love more than that. Here are some images I’ve done. The top two are my father and I moving an art deco bath from the countryside to do up and probably sell for a lot of money. The last one is me taking another shot at my railroad photography from last week at a different time


I learnt some things from my uncle, who is a very good photographer. he travels, wins photography awards online, and does thousands of photos. He has been teaching me all that i need to know via facebook, phone. He has told me lots of things, like trying to tell a story with photography and find the right composition.

One of the most important thing he told me was to treat it like drawing, and i thought that was strong. He said “don’t be discouraged when copying photographers styles, it will help you learn a lot. Try and see how they did it by getting the same composition, lighting, etc.”

You can see his photos here:


Meaning in photography

I have tried to set a meaning within my photography ever since my uncle told me about it. I always do that with my designs, and art, but not photos.

This one can be seen through atheist eyes, or religious eyes. It really has a lot of meanings. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the intent wasn’t meant to offend. It did have a meaning in my eyes for sure.. The meaning would be “Society is tossing religion out of the picture”

This photo is unedited. I’ve literally just compressed it and uploaded. I have many other photos, but I really enjoy this one so don’t be all like “omg is that it??” It is a great photo, I will need to edit it further on to make it truly a masterpiece and get my message right across.





The take-away

I really am striving to improve. I’ve improved more in a week than i would have if i just left it alone and did my photos without practice.

I will continue to do so and learn studio photography properly, composition, portraits, bracketing. Obviously I know my photos aren’t the greatest, they are still amateur, but I am trying to make them professional quality for my assignment.

Whatever and whoever is reading this, continue to try harder and never give up; because when you give up you are just as no good as the next person. If you fall get back up, we all have failures. I am one that does not like to fail, and i will never give up no matter what is thrown at me.



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