Studio 2 – Doing digital art

Trying.. and failing. (the failures)

So with my digital art, i had been failing and trying many different things. I wanted it to be the greatest it could be, an amazing piece of art which has an extraordinary meaning. These ones are the ones that are NOT good enough.

Drawing 1drawing 3

drawing 4

(i really dislike this one. It looks very amateur)
Hand thing line art

A lot of them are sketches/ideas to see if it would be good, but the quality just wasn’t enough so I had to keep trying and try and get the perfect idea/image.

The spark of a great idea

So i was just scarmbling random lines across squares i drew and came across this idea. If you cant see from the little image ive shown, it is a hand holding a book,


There will be three book holding arts in squares like this (below) One as a necromancer, one as underwater, and the last with butterflies and a blue sky.


As for now, you can see the mood board/colour board of the book illustration-final and just a small start-up. I will not be showing the final art pieces as I believe I would like to save it until the end along with the presentation.



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