Studio 2 – Basics of photography

The basics


In class today, Thursday 18/02/2016 we were told to bring our camera to uni today so we could learn the basics of photography. Upon entry and inspection, I did learn a thing or two and became more comfortable with ISO, Shutter-speed, and aperture.

Also learning a thing or two about RAW photos, ‘Bulb’ if  I recall and double exposure effects by talking to Paul outside while we were practising what we just discovered about the photography world.

We were asked to take multiple photos of objects and people, etc and these are the outcomes from which I have taken.


I dislike these top two, but the bottom bike picture I really enjoy.


Something that I learnt today was to never EVER over expose images, because you cannot do much to them after in post-production.

Although it was in the middle of the day and I was told it wasn’t a good time for photography, so that is one of the reasons for the terribly exposed Imagery.


This nice photo of kalebh was a great capture, but it was over-exposed.


Lovely close up of a little ren/finch from the SAE campusIMG_6027


Oh, so the fire brigade came and it was a bit weird. I didn’t really know why they were here, (lol) but i got some pretty good action shots of them and their truck outside the campus.

The Take away

After today, I did learn a valuable lesson and it was to never over-expose my photos. As I’m not really an illustrator or drawer really I want to try and improve my photography, Photoshop, illustrator and overall skills which aren’t really drawing involved.

I would like to improve drawing as well, but I really think I will be one to shine in other areas.

After returning home from a large day of uni, I whipped my camera out like a total bad-ass and dangerously caught this pretty cool picture of the rail-road tracks. Although it was dangerous and stupid, The outcome is pretty good if I say so myself.


I wanted to capture the horizon line and the tracks fading off into that to make it look a bit long. I will continue to try and improve my photography skills even if it just taking small photos every couple of days.

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