Studio 2 – New beginnings

New beginnings

This is the beginning of the second studio if i recall and I’m somewhat excited and annoyed at the same time, but I’m glad to get back to work again. Right off the bat, we were again started off with an assessment over 5 weeks this time instead of 1 week.

The assignment (Or brief of you must) we have been given is to create 15 different styles of techniques based off of one object you pick. We chose from the hand of Paul and I was the one to get ‘BOOKS‘, although I would have really loved to get ‘PHONES‘ as I can see some amazing outcomes with the phone.

So I decided to start searching for inspiration on Pinterest in class and I came back with a lot of ideas for photography, drawing, and digital art. Which you will see if you continue to follow my blog posts!

Book Cut-out

So what I came to a conclusion with for the photography side to fill up some technical/styles was to create a composition from photography of multiple interesting landscapes through the eyes of a book.

As in me cutting a hole in the centre and literally looking through the book onto the landscape. I think this is a good kind of visual metaphor. As I have not done it or started it or even bought the supplies yet, I have created a digital mock-up to see if my idea fits well. I’ve tried multiple options.



Remember.. These are mock-ups I’ve done quickly and are meant to be crappy. Hopefully the final product will look amazing!


After looking at it again, the open book one will be a better option i’m pretty sure. But i will do a trial and error !




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