Studio 1: Week 11

Studio 1

This week has been quite a busy one for me. We had the gallery walk the first Monday up and it was interesting. A lot more people were coming to our publication/storybook and a lot of people enjoyed our story which was great to hear. It has a very good moral and point to the story mixed with subliminal messaging/colour theories.

12358236_10153788549249207_610832963_n (1).jpg

We had a few pick-ups on our colour choice and were asked to change the colour or add more colours according to the style. We also had various layout changes and fix up feedbacks. “it looks like a weird comic book.” we listened to these.

Last but not least, we had a MASSIVE story fix up. This involved changing the whole story to something that actually would stun the audience and leave them coming back to read it over and over. After the gallery walk, we started fixing up and working on the feedback, which took a while and it was also my birthday on the Wednesday. (Yay for me being older)

We made it fixed and landscape because the content is more illustrative than portrait/test based. It works a lot better with fixed and landscape because we are able to flexibly work on the content and subtitles/text.

The more illustrative approach to the production of this epub. It certainly has improved the content and made a more interesting design and story to it.

It personally looks a lot better now!


Another website… Here is another website I’ve been working on. This is a website Evie in our class has designed and asked me to code. It was a good design, but had some troubles actually changing fonts. Although we found a workaround in it with Google fonts.  I completed it all in one day and it is a fixed layout at around 1100px. I like fixed websites a lot better, because they’re easier and don’t take up as much space as responsive ones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve actually gotten a lot better at web design even though im not even doing it in my course much. Ever since last tri my goal was to become better at it, and I’ve actually achieved it somewhat. I plan to be very good so that i can develop my own that will be good with SEO and all that.

Business Cards

I have decided to create business cards for the exhibition and for myself as it will provide to be quite useful in my career.


These are like a weird size and the template I’ve used for my business cards are not this size; so they’re placed weirdly on the business card mock-up.It looks good overall. I wanted to use a nice blue as it is coherent with my logo colour and i wanted the back to be quite interesting because no one likes to look at boring shit like just rows of text.



I’ve started to create my exhibition and student presentation in my spare time, so that i can get ahead and be prepared for it. It’s pretty exciting that all these randoms can see my work and stuff. I guess it’s like the internet anyway, but i actually get to see these people.

My goals and how this tri can help me with future development. 

I’ve basically started to do these wbesites more often which has made my coding and designing/layout skills a LOT better than they were before i started doing them. I’ve been able to think more carefully and creatively with my designs and codes so that I dont fuck anything up. I spend a lot less time doing it every time i do it, so that is surely proof i’m getting better.

Illustrating has been another goal of mine this trimester. I knew i wasnt the best drawer at all and i’ve been trying to improve myself and this Amissio project has really helped me along the way. By using simple shapes and silhouettes, it’s an interesting approach to illustrating, but it can help a lot with my concept art and free time drawing i do. I feel myself improving every time I did the sketches. 

This assignment has actually been quite better than the last one I was doing. The project has been quite a fun ride and we have been ahead of schedule quite a lot, rather than the Coltra festival where our time management was down the hill and just was all over the place. This time, jasmine and i did not want to have that mistake again so we made our time management much more strictly based upon a schedule that we have been following. It works quite well. We tick them off when complete.





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