Studio 1: Week 10

I havent been able to write much or make it look pretty at all because of the stupid storm which has destroyed my power yet again 😡



This week in studio, jasmine and I were finishing our publication. We planned to have it finished by the end of Sunday so it would be ready for the gallery walk and we did it! The end of it has come, but we are eager to see the comments and feedback people will give us at the gallery walk. Hopefully we can fix some things up this time.



We had to go for the fixed layout because responsive layout is more for the textbased/scientific-ish books. We also managed to get the video working in there so it plays upon entry of the page. The epub works well in all of the programs except for two. Which is the bluefire reader (text and images fly all over the place) and the adobe digitals edition 4.5 (fonts dont load, but thats all).

Other than that, everything seems to work out fine on my  ipad device.



Other work I am doing is a pod-cast branding which will and should be able to spread across all platforms. The client gave me a huge real detailed brief and requested I do the style in a 50’s movie/horror movie poster way. The name of it is “Skeptically challenged – Throwing down the gauntlet to pseudo-science!” I wanted to add elements which he asked me to add in there such as astrology and aliens; so I made a couple of others. Since its a podcast thing, it could have multiple seasons if im correct? I was thinking to create them in different colours and icons for the program. (lazer guns and shit)



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