Studio 1: Week 9

Gallery walk

This week in studio was quite busy for me. We had the gallery walk first thing, which was quite interesting. We didn’t seem to get many negative feedback. Which were, more colours, and “fix the kerning.” We looked over these and decided to add another colour for sadness, which will be present throughout the storybook.  The kerning problem didn’t really need to be looked over, because the writing is meant to look distressed and handwritten.


Studio Work

The team and I were working constantly and efficiently to get the illustrations done by Sunday; and we finally did it! We were sketching and refining for a long time. Before we were sketching we had to think of dynamic angles for the storybook to be a bit more involving and interesting, which actually took longer for us. It is all worth it in the end though.

(I am in charge of making badass demon stuff :D)


Monday is for refining and fixing the sketches and artwork/illustrations we have created.  We will also have to add more colour, and add the icon of the story more which is the crow.

These illustrations take a long time to create, and I know for sure we will be refining them on Monday a lot. As for now, we are ahead of schedule, and we will try to stay that way in the mean time.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While working, I came across an amazing idea for the cover of the book. I decided to tie it within the story, and show the good, and the evil within the cover.

(this is just a sketch of the cover, it is not complete. No layout of other information and refinedness will be made for now. Heres an idea of what it will look like though)

cover 23

Concept Art

Besides studio, I have been trying to study some forms of concept art to involve myself with my Wacom device and improve my critical painting and out of mind sketch skills. I have been inspired by many artworks ive seen in my facebook feed as well as the new fallout4 game which I have been tortured to not play because of Uni.

I really would love to play it and fight some deathclaws, but uni is more important. Back on track, the inspiration was from the poster which is illustrated for fallout4. Images below:

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Concept art has always amazed me, and I was trying to begin learning it more than i already have. Here is a view of what I’ve been up to, while i had spare time.

(I was experimenting with a lot of brushes here)


Reference, (2014). Let’s Get Real About Concept Art – [online] Available at: 



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