Studio 1: Week 8

In class

This week in studio we were refining our storyboards for the digital publication. I’m not very good at drawing, so the other team members based them selves on this.

In the mean time, i created a logo and an animated title sequence for the publication, which i would like to go on loop over and over on the first page (with sound).


As we were doing our sketches we came upon a problem with our style, so we fixed it to a better looking style.

Storyboards 1


(this is the better one)

I decided we should roughly shade them in, so it will fit with the style of him being sad that his wife died. (depressed people don’t see as clear as happy people)
We were thinking of making things that make him happy in a pop colour, like yellow. (yellow is colour psychology for happy).


(I know these are shit, but these are meant to be storyboard sketches, not works of art)


Now with something im really good at, and it’s actually designing! Here is a logo i did for a client.



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