Studio 1: Week 7

This week in studio was quite stressful for me. We had to do ANOTHER pitch. This pitch was involving just the idea of what we were doing. I pitched and talked with jasmine, as we had already sorted out the group with an animator.. ‘Zac.’

When I pitched, we hadn’t settled on anything and I really thought I should have made it sound more interesting to the animators, because not many of them chose to be with our team. It was basically the same.

After pitching, we started right into work and had a LOT of work to do. We started creating our story and we were so amazed with it.

Inspiration for story/style

We spent over 18 hours figuring out what the fuck we were writing about on Skype (Jasmine and I). After finishing the story, we started doing our style guide; and something great happened to me!

My internet and power cut out and it was supposedly going to be down until the 11th of November. Me being the quick problem solver I am went down to my mothers house on public transport with my Laptop. After that, Jasmine and I Skype’d again and decided working on our general style. Which the final one is below. However, on Monday we are testing other styles. I am glad we are schedule and ahead of it at the moment. Hopefully we will keep it this way!



Funny how this week has been a really busy week and all these people ask me for things. I completed a logo for Sarah from SAE, and this is the outcome. She was wanting a ‘indie’ style for herself and was quite happy with one of the first sketches i sent her.


I also completed some other extra things. I made a really cool design that i just thought of randomly and thought it would look awesome on a shirt/sweater.



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