Studio 1: Week 6

This week in our studio class, it was very stressing and long. The whole week, our team was working on the COLTRA brochure. We had to think very hard and write a lot of details down. Overall, the amount of effort we put in to this project was high (well I think we did).

here are some mockups here.




(extra) Midside Sessions

In the group on Facebook called ‘ SAE Interdisciplinary Group ‘, I saw someone post something about needing a GD so I sent them a message and enquired and I got the job.

While doing this course, I’ve realized that people don’t chase you like they did in school, you have to do it yourself. If you want something, do it yourself. That’s like life.

Alex( the person who enquired told me he wanted a logo), told me he needed Facebook banners, icons, and a lot of other stuff. The style that was desired was hipster-like in ways. I looked at the website he posted, and I saw the style he wanted immediately without him even telling me so.

The website is a ‘one-page’ design, which is very trendy at the moment. After talking to him, i set off and created some logo mock-ups and sketches.


The logo i like most and sent him first for review was this one. I chose it because it is very iconic, and i had a lot of good ideas for this. For example, the image on the top right is one of the possibilities of having such an iconic logo. This could come for some very creative advertising and mock-ups. Like this one 😀


(I have way too much time on my hands)

As a designer, i get very attached to my designs and it’s kind of depressing. Although I get attached, it makes me appreciate other designs a lot more and I can critique/fix/help other peoples designs a lot more and a lot better.


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