Studio 1: Week 5

This week in studio our class had something which was called a gallery walk. A gallery walk is something which is very useful for getting critique in the design industry. It allows you to get appropriate feedback from real people and designers.

The Gallery Walk

A gallery walk basically consists of printing out your media you have created for the project and blu-tacking it on the wall for people to stick their ‘feedback’ on post it notes; after this, you read your feedback/answer and fix up your mistakes. This was not very scary for me, as I’ve seen it and done it a lot before in the past with older artworks of mine.


(Taken from one of my group members blogs. It’s not stealing she said I could use it!)

This is an example of our designs set up on the wall. As you can see there is a lot of post-it notes. Not all constructive feedback, but some are nice feedback as in ‘this is cool!’

After class, the group basically just QA’d the post it notes and started to go by fixing the designs as the post it notes say. We haven’t started our brochure yet, but we have started to sketch the ideas for it down on paper (as well as small mock-ups on Photoshop)



Also! Out of class work I finally uploaded the website I created to a server!!!
I am happy that i finally did this. I thought it would crash as soon as i uploaded but i didn’t. I had a few problems with URL issues and SEO, but they are finally finished.

The problem occurring was that the .html source file was still present in the URL so I had to code a htaccess file in the public directory to fix this issue.

The whole website was guided by her and she told me what to fix and add. She wanted a ‘hipster-like’ design, (so oldish new) design for her website.


(this is the mockup i did)

The full website can be accessed here:

Advertisement and Timeline photo

What i did in my extra time was create an advertisement for my facebook page so i can get more exposure and get more clients. I created a new timeline photo and an advertisement to set things up.



I plan to ‘boost’ this post so I can probably increase my likes and clients overall.

If you haven’t done so, like my facebook page! Here

or here:


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