Studio 1: Week 4

This week in studio we were basically just working on our projects. so far, the project work and teaming up has been fun and I’ve been working on some interesting new products.

One of the main things in studio that dazzled me was that we went in to the animation unit and had a talk or look around in there to see what they might have needed for designs.

It is quite astounding how many people actually need design work in this world, almost everyone needs it. Logos, layout, magazines, films, etc. We really are an important thing in this world.

It seems that I am the Project Manager of my project and together, our team were working on our assigned tasks we decided to choose for each other.

My tasks and roles are:

(Project Manager)

  • Logo
  • A3 Poster
  • YouTube Ad
  • Brochure (4 pages)

The name of our festival is something which is kind of catchy and means something (not in urban dictionary). It means ‘Colour Ultra.’  It fits the festival quite well.

Logo Work

With the logo, I wanted to stick with our inspiration and make it look modern but look really cool as well instead of just dead simplified and unreadable.


These ideas were refined in to the final logo that you will see below. When I showed the group, they absolutely loved it and so do I!



A3 poster

With the A3 Poster design, I wanted to keep the style consistant throughout the whole style of designs, so i added a border that wraps around it and makes the ‘box’ look stay with it.

Poster mockup

YouTube Advertisement

With my YouTube ad I wanted to make it pop out somehow. So I created a very interesting design.

Mockup mockup2

Extra (Postcards and train-seat back)

With my YouTube ad creation I made, I didn’t want the quality of that design to go to waste, so I turned it into an interesting Postcard which will go in shops, universities, and other places until the event starts.


For the train backs, I thought it would be a good idea to have different colours to look at but make sure all the Ads are the same. The reason for this is because I tend to look at all the ads on the train for something to do, as it is extremely boring and plain. I believe this will attract more eyes.


Extra (Website)

Ads a Now I know this may seem a bit overboard, but honestly I had a lot of left over time to design and I believe this was a good way to get all the information down and make it easier for our team to figure out what we are actually doing. I only added the home page, because it would be ridiculous for me to upload all the pages here.


in conclusion, week 5 will be exciting as we are showing in the gallery and im proud of my group for working very hard!

Another small project i did this week was edit a small video for a song I was interested in. I wanted to test my adobe after effects skillset, and it worked quite well.

If you would like to check out more of my work and content daily have a look at my facebook page!


One thought on “Studio 1: Week 4

  1. Looks really really fun and colourful, I like the train seat backs and you have different colour varieties for the chalk explosion, maybe you could use that for the postcards as well so you have a variety. Like the logo you and your team has chosen as well with the wording boxed in I think it make it that much more noticeable. Overal doing pretty good 🙂


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