HTML5 compatibility

This week’s blog post involves research and making HTML5 work on older browsers. Today we will be taking an inside look on HTML5 and the ways of making it compatible. To understand completely, we must see all the elements which HTML5 does support.

HTML5 Elements Support:

Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Firefox 7 and higher

Chrome 14 and higher

Safari 5 and higher

Opera 11 and higher

Mobile Safari 3.2 and higher

Opera Mobile 5 and higher

Android 2.1 and higher



Images and points taken from

ways of countering the HTML5 compatibility errors are:

1. Not actually using HTML5

2. Using ““, which is a website that allows users to see which codes you can and can not use for compatibility.

3. Not using the code which is new in HTML5 and using counter codes.

4. Not using the <section>,<nav>, <header>, etc codes

5. Using javascript for Internet Explorer?

6. Another safe way is by wrapping HTML5 elements in divs “<di

there are workarounds such as a shivs, fallbacks, and polyfills.

From doing further research, it has been said that these two programs working together will be a way of countering the problem which occurs


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