Reviewing Websites

MDU 119 Web Design – blog 2
Reviewing Websites

This week we will be looking at a few websites and reviewing their efficiency and seeing what makes them attractive and unattractive. I will be giving my personal opinion and critique on the websites and what will improve them.




This web site is effective 

Pinterest is a good example of an efficient website. This website works well on both mobile and computer devices because it is a mobile-like design in ways. The effectiveness of this design is that it’s very simple and basic, with minimal colours (mainly red and white) and it is a website that works well on all platforms.



This web site is effective 

Redbubble is a website which allows users to upload their creative content onto merchandise and allows other users to buy this content and you earn revenue from this. This website is the same principles as the Pinterest website, as it is simple, clean and with few colours and good interface.



This web site is not effective 

Gosong is a website which needs some complete fixing up. Although it does represent the information okayish, and works okayish. It needs to be updated to regular standards because it looks like something from 2006. The main elements it needs is a lot more interest parts. The amount of unaligned content on that page is ridiculous. fixing it to a clean visually attractive simple page would do it well (maybe only one page with a search bar. Like the piratebay website)

Today we looked at examples of effective websites and ineffective websites and how they should fix their problems. There are a lot of websites and sites which need fixing up and are not effective at portraying their message. A tip for all websites is to take a look at other websites for trends and seeing their competition, so they can adapt. if they manage to do that then the website will improve a lot more.


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