Trends in Web Design

MDU 119 Web Design – blog 1
Trends in Web Design

In design or any form of art, there are various trends in which they go through. These can be thought of as ‘Phases’ and these ‘phases’ change as popular culture changes and how people see or view art. Today we will be discussing the various trends used in web design and layouts, and how some websites can benefit from incorporating these trends into their websites.

Previous Trends

In order to understand the today’s trends in web design, we must research the previous trends which were used, so we can see how far it’s changed (whether it be a lot or a minimal amount) These old trends include:

Print Design Influenced:grid

Responsive Design:


Square Based Design:


Current Trends

Background Images Take Place:



Minimal Designs:


Flat Design:


Long page design:


A website which I think would do well from some of these trends would be the ‘Govinda’s website.’ Although the website is good as it is I think it needs to show a bit more with about what it actually is.


This is a company/restaurant I am doing for a rebranding in my production class, and I really think it would benefit from the ‘background take place,’ as it would display food and a attract a lot more customers!


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