CIU Week 6: Social Media

CIU Week 6
Social Media


During the CIU lecture this week, we thoroughly looked at social media, how important it is, and how it can impact our careers.

The most important thing I understood from the lecture this week was that it is very important to use social media; it’s basically one of the major and only ways to get yourself out there, because everyone has the internet in their pocket (via mobile phones)


To add on to my point above, here is the most recent statistics of internet usage in the world. So you can see that worldwide, the internet is a big deal.


In my own experiences, I’ve had okay times using the internet to promote my work. I believe it is a really effective way of communicating to friends or clients.

The internet is better than travelling or actually flying overseas to see them (even though I haven’t actually done that). what I have done to communicate is talking to my clients via email and Facebook.

I have my own facebook Page, and have actually been getting contacted more than I usually did before I had one. It’s improved my statistics in getting work [ I must admit. ]


The most important thing is ‘communication,’ as i have said a few times during this blog post.  If you can’t communicate, then you can’t get things done. Now the only key way to communicate is through the internet, so that’s how you have to do it.

Whether it be getting a Tumblr for posting content, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, etc. you really need to involve yourself.

When you try to make it yourself you come to understand the people who get famous from these forms of media, you actually feel them and know how hard it is to make it. The only way is to be persistent like I’ve stated in another blog post.


To conclude this weeks ciu blog post we say one word, ‘communication.’ I’ve said it many times in this blog post, as well as showing documenting information showing that the use of internet is increasing and many people use it to show their work.

I think after this week’s blog post, can say I will be using the networking more than I usually do. I will post more, and try and talk to my fans and even grow more, and maybe even help others by doing it.

Thank you

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‘PsykeArts,’ As I was formerly known as, (before re-branding) is now known as ‘Wandering Imagery.’


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