CIU Week 5: Inclusive Design

CIU Week 5
Inclusive Design


During this week’s CIU lecture, we looked at various methods of creating diversity between users by managing and using inclusive design – (including accessibility to all users.)  We were shown how inclusive design can help us grow a wider audience.

Inclusive design is ‘design’ that can be used by a very wide range of people. It’s design which understands the people and is for the people. Inclusive design is a good way of creating a larger audience for yourself, and helping as well as understanding people along the way.


I believe that in order to ‘understand people,’ or understand the complexities of inclusive design is basic. Think like someone else, be with lots of other people, and try to understand people and their needs.

When you finally understand the universal design and it’s needs, you will be able to design for a lot of people and help them, and yourself; It’s making stuff better for everyone.

I tend to try and put myself in my clients and audiences minds while I design; say for example, if I am designing a website for someone, let’s say this website is an organic restaurant’s website – I must take in account for all of people’s wants and needs before i start designing. Blind, deaf, elderly, children, colour blind, and average people are some of the many you should think about when designing.


Thinking about these and creating ‘universal’ design for ALL people creates equality for the social and technological consumers, making people feel equal with other people (which we are). The woman in the video I attached indicates that people feel uncomfortable when things are designed specifically for them.

It really ties in with what I said earlier in the blog post, “you really have to put yourself in their mind, or shoes.” You have to think like your audience, and I have tried to start doing this as of lately.


Inclusive design is thought about a lot more in depth by people than I thought originally, although I didn’t use it as often as I should.

This CIU lecture has opened me up to the opportunities which arise in inclusive design, and that I should try to implement it more or almost always in my work. By doing this, I can increase my audience and expand my career.

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‘PsykeArts,’ As I was formerly known as, (before re-branding) is now known as ‘Wandering Imagery.’


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