CIU Week 4: Secret Interview Techniques

CIU Week 4
Secret Interview Techniques


During this week’s CIU lecture, we reviewed various interesting questions about job interviews along with multiple short stories about jobs. We were told how we should go about successfully and achieve these results to try and get a job for our future career.

The most important thing I took from this week’s lecture was that you need to be persistent and show your true passion when searching for jobs, whether it be a graphic designer or anything. You can’t just give up if it’s not on, or gumtree or whatever you use, You just keep trying.


Before this course, I would consider myself semi passionate about this because I wasn’t sure how I would go about becoming a graphic designer. I never even knew half of the stuff I know now, and I am not even halfway through this course.

I believe that we need to set ourselves apart from other job seekers and, as we were told in the lecture “harass” our job opportunities, but in simpler terms broken down, it would be persistence, dedication, and motivation.

For me, I think I should start out working in a Design studio/company to get myself started as this would help me get to know more people  and would help grow myself a reputation. The only way I will be able to achieve this, is if I become a more unique and passionate person.


When applying for a job, you may need to put yourself in the employers shoes, which is what I always do when going for an interview.

Think of yourself as hiring employees for your company, what kind of person would you like working at your company? Would you like someone who isn’t motivated to work, or isn’t even passionate about his career? No! you would want the complete opposite as a person of business. You want someone friendly who you can get along with, as well as someone who knows how to do his job and who is able to do it well.

What employers want in their employees vs what graduates think they want:


Chart taken from Here: 


What I have taken away from this week’s lecture is that you can only ever be yourself; – your best self. don’t try to be anyone else, be yourself and show that you really are interested and motivated to start yourself off.

This week’s lecture has brightened my perspective on finding work, and that it’s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I have started to try and make myself more known in the social community by making Youtube videos and by networking with other users or designers. I am excited to see what happens.

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Yougurt.” A logo made for a web design assignment.20086_486868221462747_8505288039850898488_n

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