CIU Week 3: Your Income and Your Art

CIU Week 3
Your Income And Your Art

In this week’s lecture, we all discussed an important message; the message involved the pros and cons of either being a Freelancer or Working in a company. It is a good thing to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of creative media work as it helps you become a better professional. This week I will be discussing the tips and steps to becoming a freelancer.

To face anything (in our case, a freelancer) you must acknowledge the weaknesses and the strengths first. In the lecture, we each talked about and discussed as a group what the pros and cons were of being a freelancer and company work, and which option would be the best for us.

In my case, I believe freelance would be the best option for me; as I want to be able to move somewhere and develop my own studio and business.  This is in most cases the dream of graphic designers (to be a successful business). Owning your own business would be very exciting as it allows a lot more flexibility and freedom than company work.

Freelance Work: Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Being a FreelancerImage compliments of Graphic Design Degree Hub

In the infographic I attached it states that a wide variety of freelancers are happier than before they went solo, and that finding clients was one of the biggest and hardest challenges of being a freelancer as opposed to company work, where it is all done for you. The freelance side is a lot harder with work but heavy on the pay. The pay of an average freelancer earns 45% more than your normal worker.

How to Be a Successful Freelance Artist or Designer
How to Be a Successful Freelance Artist or Designer

To find work, or counter the hard times in finding clients is to go online to search for the freelance job boards such as Upwork (formerly Odesk) and Elance.

Find freelancers to tackle any job, any size, any time
Get jobs done fast. Get the work done right.
Get jobs done fast. Get the work done right.

A freelance job board is a website or service which allows the freelancer to find work with ease, with hundreds and thousands of people looking for freelancers each day pinning their notices onto the job board for freelancers to fulfill their needs. These services are outstanding options in finding work in the freelance industry. They are online rather than in the town or city. This allows you to be paid safely and receive inviting jobs in which you would actually want to do.

If you are in financial need for funding: The best options is to go to any popular crowdfunding website. Crowdfunding is funding your project by using the crowd via the internet. The user would ask for a certain amount of money in small amounts from the “crowd” and the crowd would receive something in return, for example, t-shirts, or an autograph. Services which partake this are Websites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, Patreon.


Crowdfunding. The granddad of crowdfunding websites is kickstarter, and it is the most known. Crowdfunding is a wonderful way of funding which I personally love, even though it may not help in my area.

Will you take a “day job”? That job where you do things for money to support you while you do what you really want to do after hours. How does this affect you?

 A day job can be useful for freelancers as they are starting out. It can help you pay for your needs and finances as long as you are able to find a flexible working place which allows you to be creative at the same time, so this doesn’t limit your creativity with tiredness.

Public speaking can be a good way of getting a lot of clients as a designer. Visiting universities and teaching design students about the steps of your illustration and giving tips, to going to social crowd meetings to promote one’s self-work. This would be good, because as I said last week “word of mouth can go a long way.”

The list can go on, with other forms such as advertisement, sponsors, consumer sales, etc. These are all areas which can help your freelance career progress.

Working in a company: Pros and Cons, Working in a company could have a lot of possibilities as opposed to the freelance side of work. These possibilities could be a starting point for all of the people who are striving to be a freelancer.  Working in a company gives you inside experience and training, as well as contacts so that you can move on to the new career pathways.


An important note to company work is to know your company before you apply for the job and before interviews. This will give you inside information on how the company flows, how they use social media and what their goal is. Websites which allow this are ‘employee review’ websites which are like, Glassdoor and Jobadvisor. ‘Employee review’ websites are services which allow a potential employee to read reviews from employees and see real employee salaries. This is very important to know when searching for jobs.

to conclude this week’s blog post, the pros and cons of working in a company environment, and a freelance business were stated, the tips and tricks were discussed to help aspiring freelancers to achieve their goals. For designers, I think freelance would be the best option, but both are quite valid to use, but to start, you would want to get a more stable job in a company so you can get the proper experience before you begin to get yourself out. If you follow all the steps in an appropriate manner, your business will rise up out of the shallow depths of a starting freelancer. This involves interacting with the community as well as doing your job properly and correctly. This helps us all in the long run.


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