CIU Week 2: How Are We The Same?

What I found interesting while I read the weekly lecture in concurrence with the class [Week 2] was how we were told that “Life is a pitch” and that “every interaction is an opportunity for work.” This really made me think about graphic design because it was highly tied in with my area. It’s factual that every interaction is an opportunity for work because word of mouth can go very far. One person could tell 3-4 people about you, and they could tell another, and another; this is how word of mouth works and it’s true that most people get jobs through friends and acquaintances.

I agree and also believe that life is a pitch, and I feel it is a way of life because being in the creative industry is not the easiest of jobs in a sense of getting yourself out there and becoming well-known. It is mostly every creative person’s dream to become a big shot. It’s a difficult task to find work in the creative industry because there are thousands out there just like us looking to do the same thing. I tend to interact with a lot of people and let them know what I’m interested in and what I study, so they can get in touch when they are in need of help.

The significance of word of mouth, along with social media is very important. Reading the same blog posts over and over isn’t going to get you new work – so do something about that. Use your social accounts, talk to potential clients, and ask for referrals! (Galloway, Brent.) 2013. 

This week’s lecture stated all the downsides of being a creative media worker: for example, “Long hours, low pay, and no future.” This made me re-think a lot of my decisions in life and was generally depressing, but I realized the truth in it; The only way to avoid these problems is by taking action. Creative media workers chose to be in the job they’re working in because they love it, even though it may come with struggles and hard times.

After reading this week’s lecture, I can knowingly say that even though it may be hard to get ourselves out there, whether it be becoming an entrepreneur, starting a career in the creative industry, becoming a creative professional, you must be persistent and dedicated, and you must never give up.  I would love to help other new media workers progress throughout their career by designing things for them and working together. We are all in the same boat, and we need to make new friends and acquaintances in order to progress our creative minds, motives, and careers.

Thank you for reading. I can’t wait to see what is in store next week!


Galloway, Brent. ‘THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT FINDING MORE FREELANCE DESIGN WORK’. Brent Galloway 2015. Web. 12 June 2015.


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